If you’re looking for a family law attorney in Aurora, CO or the surrounding areas, your search ends here. Whether you’re getting married or going through a divorce, struggling to agree on child custody and visitation rights, or looking for an expert witness to back up your case in court, Walker, Wright & Associates LLP is the most trusted name in Aurora family law, and we’re here to help.


Our Aurora family law services include:


Divorce. If your marriage is ending, you’re likely heading into a period of great transition in your personal and family life. Make the legal matters as simple as possible by reaching out to Walker, Wright & Associates LLP. We’ll do everything we can to find a positive resolution for you and your spouse while ensuring your interests are protected.


Child Custody & Visitation. At Walker, Wright & Associates LLP, we know you have your child’s best interests at heart. We’re proud to support Aurora families’ pursuit of a supportive and stable home environment by devising child custody and visitation plans that support parents, guardians and children alike. Child custody and visitation rights are among the most emotional issues in family law; choose an attorney that will approach child custody with the compassion it deserves by reaching out to Walker, Wright & Associates LLP.


Marital Agreements (Prenuptial and Postnuptial). If your wedding bells are ringing, chances are you’d rather plan your happily ever after than sit down with legal paperwork. But even the happiest of couples can benefit from reaching marital agreements before the big day. Drawing up marital agreements will help you clarify your expectations of the relationship while ensuring you and your partner are prepared for anything life throws your way. If your marriage ends in death or divorce, postnuptial agreements can also ease the transition out of your partnership.


Expert Witness & Interstate Family Law Conflicts. Expert attorney Mr. Walker has spend upwards of 40 years teaching and practicing family law in our Denver family law service areas. This extensive experience qualifies him to testify as an expert witness in complex family law cases, and his insights have proven invaluable in court. Give your case the support it needs by calling Mr. Walker to the stand as an expert witness.
Family law matters hit close to home. Make sure your family’s future is in the right hands by calling Walker, Wright & Associates LLP at (303)730-0067 for your Aurora family law needs.

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