With roots stretching deep into the heart of Colorado, we recognize Castle Rock as a high ground on which to stand strong. Walker, Wright & Associates LLP is unendingly grateful to be of service to this community, offering legal counsel, support, and representation for positive solutions to all your Castle Rock Family Law needs.



If it’s time to make a path through the tough territory of divorce, Walker, Wright & Associates LLP is ready to journey with you. With clients as diverse as Colorado, our expertise in legal counsel and representation reflects the support you need in seeking a life on your own terms. We know the hardships of a legal conflict can loom over you and cloud the ability to see a resolution, so let our skilled attorneys shed light and experience on your proceedings to bring a win-win solution to your family matters.


Child Custody and Visitation

The delicacy and resilience of children who go through a divorce cannot be overstated. At Walker, Wright & Associates, our pride is helping you better support your pride – your children. When something as overwhelming as a divorce gets underway, anyone can too easily overlook visitation and custody legalities that can affect relationships with children years down the road. Look to our attorneys for the guidance you need to set the course that provides you the visitation and custody outcomes you desire.


Marital Agreements (Prenuptial and Postnuptial)

Figuring out marriage is a daily lesson that can seem impossible to make plans for ahead of time. Your attorneys at Walker, Wright & Associates are here to travel the trail of paperwork with you, and bring a sense of ease to the finer print of your marriage.

Expert Witness & Interstate Family Law Conflicts

When you need the solid defense of an expert witness, having Mr. Wright on your case means having more than 40 years of teaching and practicing law on your side. If you need an expert witness, we understand you want the comfort of confidence that only comes from experience like that of Mr. Wright.


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