For Centennial family law services, turn to Walker, Wright & Associates LLP Family Law Attorneys. We’re proud to offer the highest standard of excellence in legal counseling, representation and expert witness testimony in the Centennial CO. We’ll provide you with the service and support your family needs to make big transitions go as smoothly as possible.

Divorce. Aside from the personal hardship of ending a marriage, divorce can also involve an array of legal conflicts. At Walker, Wright & Associates LLP, our compassionate and comprehensive approach to divorce law will help you and your partner arrive at a positive resolution together, while ensuring each of your individual needs are being met.

Child Custody & Visitation. Legal conflicts surrounding child custody and visitation rights can be among some of the more emotional issues a family might face. It’s essential that you choose a law firm that can approach Centennial family law with the sensitivity and compassion necessary for successful resolution. At Walker, Wright & Associates LLP, we’ll listen to your circumstances and concerns and offer creative child custody and visitation plans that will support your child’s well-being and positive parental relationships.

Marital Agreements (Prenuptial and Postnuptial). We all love the idea of happily ever after, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for anything. Even the healthiest relationship can benefit from signing marital agreements prior to tying the knot — a prenuptial agreement can help you clarify your expectations of your partner and understand your partner’s expectations. If your marriage does end due to death or divorce, a prenuptial agreement will protect you from further legal conflict.

Expert Witness & Interstate Family Law Conflicts. Hiring an expert witness to provide testimony might lend your case the support it needs to win over a jury. Attorney Mr. Walker has spent upwards of 40 years practicing and teaching Centennial family law, and his lifetime of experience and insight will prove an invaluable asset in a court of law.

When a family law conflict hits close to home, make sure your legal matters are in the right hands. Call Walker, Wright & Associates LLP Family Law Attorneys today for Centennial family law services at (303) 730-0067.

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