If you’re in need of a Denver family law practitioner, Walker, Wright & Associates is at your service. We have a proud tradition of excellence in legal counseling, representation, and providing expert witnesses in the Denver CO area, and we’re here to support you through any changes you and your family may be facing.

Divorce. Ending a marriage can involve many potentially distressing legal conflicts, but at Walker, Wright & Associates LLP, we pride ourselves on our compassionate and comprehensive approach to divorce law. We’ll do everything we can to protect your interests while guiding you and your spouse toward a positive resolution.

Child Custody & Visitation. At Walker, Wright & Associates LLP, we’ll put your child first. We’re committed to helping Colorado families arrive at mutually beneficial child custody and visitation plans, so that your child has the support and stability to grow up happy and healthy. Legal battles over child custody and visitation rights can be incredibly emotional; our attorneys will listen to your circumstances and concerns with great care and empathy and find the solution that best fosters a positive upbringing for your child.

Marital Agreements (Prenuptial and Postnuptial). If your big day is coming up, chances are you’re more interested in planning your happily ever after than sitting down with legal paperwork. But drawing up marital agreements before you tie the knot will help you clarify your expectations with your partner, understand your partner’s expectations, and ensure you’re both prepared for anything life throws at you. If your marriage ends in death or divorce, you’ll thank yourself for taking the time with our Denver marital agreement attorneys.

Expert Witness & Interstate Family Law Conflicts. As one of our expert attorneys, Mr. Walker has spent more than 40 years teaching and practicing in Denver family law. His extensive experience has qualified him to testify as an expert witness in many complex family law cases, and allowing him to share his insights with a jury may well lend you the support you need to succeed in court.

While any legal proceedings can be complex or stressful, we know that issues surrounding family law hit especially close to home. Make sure you put your family’s future in the right hands, and call Walker, Wright & Associates LLP Family Law Attorneys for Denver family law services at (303) 730-0067 today.  

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