Any legal conflicts can be stressful, but family law matters hit especially close to home. For compassionate and comprehensive family law services in Englewood CO, turn to Walker, Wright & Associates LLP. Our tradition of excellence in legal counseling, representation and expert witnesses will support you and your family through any changes you’re facing with the care and empathy you deserve.

Englewood Family Law Areas of Expertise

Divorce. Ending a marriage can be painful, and the legal complexity of divorce agreements can add another dimension of distress. Make your transition out of your marriage as smooth as possible by contacting Walker, Wright & Associates LLP for your divorce law needs. We’ll seek positive resolution with your partner while firmly supporting your personal and financial interests.


Child Custody and Visitation. At Walker, Wright & Associates LLP, we put your child’s interests first. We are proud to support Englewood area families in their pursuit of mutually beneficial child custody and visitation plans. Our attorneys will handle your child custody and visitation concerns with the care and empathy your circumstances merit, and we’ll find a solution that will help you create a positive and supportive home environment for your child.


Marital Agreements (Prenuptial and Postnuptial). Even the healthiest relationships can benefit from drawing up marital agreements. Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements can help you clarify your expectations with your partner, understand your partner’s expectations, and ensure you’re both prepared for anything the future holds. Should your marriage end in death or divorce, marital agreements will ensure your interests are protected, and you’ll thank yourself for time spent with our Englewood attorneys.


Expert Witness & Interstate Family Law Conflicts. As one of our expert attorneys, Mr. Walker is uniquely qualified to address interstate family law conflicts and provide expert witness testimony in court. With more than 40 years of legal experience on his side, Mr. Walker can lend your case the support it needs to succeed in court.


Whatever your Englewood family law needs, make sure you’re receiving the highest standard of excellence in the profession. Put your family’s future in the right hands by calling Walker, Wright & Associates LLP at (303)730-0067 today.


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