The goal of our team of Greeley family law experts at Walker, Wright & Associates is to focus on the effective resolutions you desire. When the time comes to seek defense in legal matters affecting the home, Walker, Wright & Associates attorneys have the skill, and the compassion to use it, in working for your peace of mind. If Greeley is home to you, we are here to help you through the life transitions that may be on your plate due to divorce, family conflicts, and new beginnings.



It is our commitment to excellence, compassion, and respect for your dignity that helps us to achieve your desired solutions for marital change. Work with our Vaily Family Law team, and get our guarantee to exceed expectations for your divorce matters. Our attorneys offer counseling that you and your spouse may be seeking to end a marriage with smooth sailing, and we attend to the goals you have for this resolution.


Child Custody and Visitation

Children that become involved in family legal action need the support of advocacy that includes their interests and considers the child’s best outcome. We take on your vision for family planning in matters of custody and visitation for you and your children. Continue reading to learn about how we can seek your Interstate Family Law Conflict solutions together, as well.


Marital Agreements (Prenuptial and Postnuptial)

The incredible journey to marriage is best matched with the documents that guard your union and its future. Successful planning for a marriage that is outlined by prenuptial and postnuptial communication can make all the difference for your life in times of undesired or unexpected marital outcomes.

Expert Witness & Interstate Family Law Conflicts

Our practice of excellence comes with Mr. Walker’s over 40 years of experience in litigation. This kind of confidence and knowhow enables us to offer compassion and service when you need representation and advocacy in the courtroom. When a case requires the testimony of an expert to bring a positive outcome for your family, trust Greeley family law experts at Walker, Wright & Associates.


With everything Greeley has to offer, we are proud to be supported by this community, and more grateful to guide you with our counsel. Give us a call at (303)730-0067 and let us start working together.

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