Walker, Wright & Associates, LLP solutions thanks you, the community of Vail, for trusting in us to take on matters so close to your home. Walker, Wright & Associates in Vail take pride in the work we do to support smooth sailing through your Vail family law proceedings. Read on to learn just how we can work for your advocacy through these personal and delicate areas of litigation as your representatives.



Together, you and your Vail family law experts from Walker, Wright & Associates, LLP can achieve the creative solutions to help you come out on the other side of a divorce. We know the experience of over 40 years in Vail family law, and we know we can drive the success of your results with our shared outlook to your personal well-being. Your divorce settlement can be in your hands, and measure up to your interests, when you collaborate with our excellent team.


Child Custody and Visitation

When you are devoted to the matters of your children in a case of custody, our Vail family law experts expend every measure of undivided attention and excellence. Our mission is based on the collaboration of our experience, and your vision for the needs of your family. In matters of child custody and visitation, we seek to exceed your expectations.


Marital Agreements (Prenuptial and Postnuptial)

Taking on a marriage is an exciting time to have a full perspective on a life and future with your partner. Let our Vail family law experts take on the work for giving your union its advantage of marital agreements, or prenuptial and postnuptial documents. When we make this effort with you, your terms for marriage and future gain security in times of uncertainty, against the difficulties of death and divorce.

Expert Witness & Interstate Family Law Conflicts

Mr. Walker offers his 40 plus years of experience in family law as an Expert Witness for cases that carry across the United States. When you need an Expert Witness, trust our confidence that only comes from experience and devotion to excellence. We extend respect and dignity to your case to help you successfully transition to the life of your intentions.


A Vail family law advocate is waiting for you at Walker, Wright & Associates, LLP and can be reached by phone at (303)730-0067. Let us litigate for you, and together we can work towards your legal needs.

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