What Do I Need to Start the Divorce Process?

The divorce process can sometimes be lengthy and frustrating for some. With the help of a Centennial divorce lawyer that is on your side, you’re able to obtain what is rightfully yours and separate without much hassle. Finding a divorce attorney in centennial is the best option that you have for making the transition from married to divorced easier on everyone involved.

The Petition

Every divorce starts with a petition. These divorce papers have to be served to the other spouse that has not filed for divorce. If both spouses agree on the divorce, the papers are then signed and the process has begun. If not, the papers need to be served and signed within a specific date.

During the petition time, an automatic restraining order is set in place. During this time, the assets of the couple cannot be transferred, sold, or moved. The children that belong to the couple cannot move out of state.

The response of the other spouse has to be recorded within 30 days from being served. However, if the spouse refuses to sign the papers, something is known as a default can be requested to the court overseeing the divorce process for a further time.

Finalizing the Divorce

If the spouses can come to an agreement, they can split assets entirely and move on with their lives. They just have to wait their state’s waiting period for remarrying or purchasing new property. However, if they cannot agree, then a trial may need to be had and mediation through a divorce attorney centennial will need to be taken into consideration.

Divorces can go either smoothly and quickly or may take some time depending on how the spouses feel about the divorce. When you hire a Centennial divorce lawyer to help with the process, you’re also able to dispute everything with someone that can speak for you in a court of law.

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