When the subject of family divorce comes up, your children are going to think about how it’s going to impact them. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it is going to raise a tough talk: Changing schools. Depending on on how you and your spouse have worked out your physical separation, your child might be entering a new school district. Here are some tips about getting them acclimated and the trials that come with it.

Don’t Push

If they had a bad first day, or a bad first month, don’t give them flak for it. Children are much more prone to acting on their emotions and wearing their hearts on their sleeve, so be there for them. Adjustments are difficult, especially because if there’s on constant in your child’s life, it’s been attending school.

Monitor Their Self-Esteem

When things change, emotions are impacted. Young children are in a constant state of development, and their sense of self worth can tank at a moment’s notice. Foster the positive things, and remind them that there are good parts to changing schools, too: No old school bully, no more teachers that they didn’t like, and new friends they can make.

Play a Role in Their Education

Life gets in the way of helping our children with their education. Between work, relocation and a divorce, you’re already at your wits end. However, your child runs a high risk of losing concentration in school. Their schoolwork suffers, it creates fights between you and your ex-spouse, taking on a snowball effect. When you show how much you care about their education, they’ll take more of an interest, especially if you’re very influential to them. This can help save them from getting behind in their academics.

After School Prize

Most of us want our children to buck up and fly straight because it’s the right thing to do, but if you look around you, everybody needs a motivator. Your motivator at work is the paycheck/benefits, your motivator to read this article is your concern about how your child is taking the news. Children need a bit of motivation, too.

When you drop them off at school, mention that they should just do their best, and either way, the two of you can do a fun activity or go out for ice cream after you pick them up in the afternoon. They have something to look forward to, they feel loved, because even if they have a bad day, they will still get their after school prize. It helps your child feel validated, and shows them that you’re taking an interest in their mental wellbeing during this rough transition.

When they’re changing schools, they feel like their safety net is slipping away. Show them that the only thing that’s changing is the school; not their life.

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