At Walker, Wright & Associates, LLP, we know that divorces can be solved amicably, or they can be ugly and nasty – it depends on the couple. It is always best to try to settle a divorce outside of court, but this is not always possible, although in your best interest.

The reasons that many divorce cases go to court are:

  • Child custody issues. If both parties cannot come to an agreement on child custody, it may be up to the courts to decide.
  • Asset distribution. When assets are not equally distributed or there is one party that believes that the assets are not being divided honestly, such as hidden bank accounts, this may cause a divorce to go to court.

In virtually all cases, child custody and asset distribution are the reasons that a divorce goes to court. If both parties cannot agree on an amicable divorce, they will need to go in front of the judge to divide their assets. There are also cases when assets are hidden, or divorces turn into complex matters where businesses or large estates are involved.

In most cases, your local divorce lawyer in Centennial will be able to mediate between you and your spouse to help you both come to an agreement on pertinent divorce issues, such as child custody and asset distribution.

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