We thank you for making Walker, Wright & Associates LLP a trusted name in Centennial Family Law, and we are proud to offer guidance to our Colorado community in these trying times of legal conflict. When a divorce involves children, there is no limit to the amount of support a family requires, and we are committed to sharing the experience of our Centennial Family Law attorneys when you seek our guidance. If you are a father going through divorce, let this be the beginning of the guidance we can offer to you.

Money Matters

If you aren’t the one who has been doing the budgeting in the household, it may be time to start getting used to the idea. Sure, you might be all too eager to handle your own expenses and lifestyle, but there are likely many costs coming your way before, during, and after the divorce that you may not be aware of. Talking to a lawyer about these costs ahead of time can help you prepare for the financial changes that may be prescribed by the legal terms of your divorce.


You should know that following your divorce settlement if your income or work situation changes, or anything occurs to prevent your ability to pay child support as set by the court, it is up to you to immediately inform the Attorney General that you require a modification reflecting your situation. Otherwise, penalties and arrears that build up will certainly multiply your stress.


Caving on Custody
One of the most common regrets in divorce cases comes from fathers who push over too easily on custody matters in hopes of rocking the boat a little less. Managing time with the kids may seem like an added legal hassle that could simply be worked out verbally between two mature, adult parties – but all too often, dads who settle easily on less custody end up regretting that the time and arrangements they thought would materialize somehow get away from them, the legal strain puts burdens on relationships, and these dads miss out on milestones and making time to bond. Remember ‘speak now, or forever hold your peace?’ Similar concept.


In the terminology of your divorce, you may want to refrain from designating ‘primary residence,’ unless you can establish your residence as primary. Be ready with an idea of proposed numbers of days and at what time you would like to call your children, or pick them up from school.


Keep Calm and Keep Tabs

During a divorce it is essential to stay level headed, or you may face repercussions caused by your own out-of-character behavior. You are embarking on a road of liberation, so don’t let this process cause the opposite effect. Make personal time, do the things you love, socialize. You aren’t divorcing your children, you are setting an example of decisive living.

Fathers can feel they are getting the short end of the stick in divorce hearings, so give yourself the advantage of good behavior and organization. Show up to court sessions and depositions. Keep track of paperwork and costs. Part of keeping calm is knowing when a reasonable settlement arrives, so you can accept it with confidence.

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