Whether your favorite old saying includes “God is in the details” or “The Devil is in the details”, those details are important in every legal action. If you’re going to get a divorce in Colorado, the paperwork must be done right.


  1. Court-required Documents

It’s the government, they have forms, but you can download all of them at the Colorado Judicial Branch website. The forms are designed to be do-it-yourself, however, if you need help completing them or simply want a second pair of eyes to make sure everything is correct, call Walker Wright & Associates, we speak legal – fluently!


  1. Property Division

The Court can’t certify that property was divided equitably if the Court doesn’t know what property you own. (No brainer, there, right?) Well, you’d be amazed (or, maybe not) at how many people try to hide assets or just get sloppy. Deeds, trust instruments, investment portfolios, etc., are vital. Colorado, you see, isn’t a community property state. Certain assets acquired during a marriage, such as inheritances, can be retained in full by one spouse – but you need to prove it!

An accusation of fraud (deceiving the Court) isn’t the worst move you can make, but it’s high on the list. When you go into Court, your credibility is based entirely on them seeing you as transparent and responsible.


  1. Custody & Support & Alimony

Child custody, child visitation, and support, spousal support, division of property – as well as other decisions – are contracts, drafted under Colorado law and legally enforceable under the laws of every state – should you think about moving. Severe penalties can be imposed for failure to comply – up to and including jail time for the offender.


Don’t Short-change Yourself

If you read this and think, “They’re just trying to scare me into paying them.” You’d be half-right, we are trying to scare you, a little. Divorce should be scary, and we hope you never consider it until you’ve exhausted every possibility of working things out. Your spouse and children will bless your name forever if you can make it work, and you’ll do the same.

Should the last extreme arise, many couples work it out without getting lawyers involved. Those couples will never know if they did it right – if both sides made the deal that best serves everyone’s needs. Walker, Wright & Associates is the top family law firm in the metro-Denver area. Our lawyers and legal staff have accumulated decades of experience in every detail of Colorado divorce law, and all related issues. Contact us and we’ll put that expertise behind you.

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