It’s a touchy subject that not a lot of people know what to do about. Domestic violence consistently rears its ugly head. Nobody has ever said, “Well, I saw that coming.” It’s always a shock, a surprise, and it’s never tolerable. The secondhand crime to domestic violence is witnessing it, and not doing anything, Over 20,000 phone calls are placed to domestic abuse hotlines every single day in the United States; it’s happening all around us, whether we’re aware or not.

Don’t Ignore It

When you see domestic violence in public, you can’t ignore it. In some social experiments, where domestic violence is incited to garner a public reaction, individuals will shout loudly and point out the attacker, bringing the crowd in on them to get him/her off of their partner. Ignoring it doesn’t mean you have to wedge yourself between the two of them, either.

Report It to the Police

Don’t call the local police station—call 911. Someone is being physically abused, and it’s absolutely an emergency. Don’t physically handle it on your own. Police can arrive quickly, and a police officer’s power to get the abuser in trouble is far greater than what a 911 phone call can do on its own.

Call Attention To It

Those being abused are well aware of who their attacker is. Domestic abuse occurs between a couple; it’s not a random act of violence, but an escalating situation that could eventually turn fatal for the abused. Those being abused need immediate relief; many times, when an individual has been called out for their actions by a large crowd, they will cease. If they flee, the abused will know where to find them and can report that to police. When you hire your Denver family law office, they need all the information that police give them; it’s invaluable.

Startling Statistics

One in four women and one in seven men have been severely physically abused by their partner during their lifetime. Calling attention to domestic violence and how inexcusable it brings public attention and, in turn, shows the attacker how wrong their actions are. Intimate partner violence accounts for 15% of all crime; that’s just what’s reported. Take action by reacting, and not letting domestic violence continue.

Information for this article has been provided in part by The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

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