Hiring a family law attorney is no easy task. There comes a time that we all have to deal with legal matters. When it comes to marriage, adoption, divorce, child custody, paternity testing and more, you want to make sure that you hire a dedicated and qualified family law attorney.

Family Law Attorney

Family Law Attorney

But what qualities should you be looking for in the hiring process? We’ve compiled a short list of questions to help you find the best family law attorney for your legal matters.

  • Is family law a specialty of yours? It may seem like common sense, but make sure the attorney has family law as one of their specialties. You want experience to be on your side!
  • Which cases do you take on most often and care about the most? Your family law attorney should be passionate about family law. They should be able to speak about their caseload quickly and well and articulate their dedication to this specific area of law.
  • How many years of experience practicing law do you have? Again, experience is one of the biggest factors you should be taking into consideration when it comes to hiring a family law attorney.
  • How many of your cases go to court and how many are settled? Depending on your legal matters, you want to hire someone who is a skilled negotiator and adept at trying cases.
  • What stands out to you about my case? You want any potential attorney to articulate and demonstrate why they are the best fit for your specific case. Have them outline the unique aspects of your case and what their strategy would be, should you choose to hire them.

With this list of questions, you’ll gain all the information you’ll need to make a smart choice in hiring your family law attorney!

When you need a Family Law Attorney in Centennial, CO, look no further than Walker, Wright & Associates. Our talented team of experienced lawyers can handle anything that life throws at you and your family. Call us today at (303) 730-0067 or contact us online. We look forward to meeting you and you family!


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