You’ve gone through everything with your divorce lawyer, and the ink has dried, but you want to keep Christmas fun and festive for the kids. These are three of our favorite dishes to keep Christmas dinner light-hearted, fun, and filled with enough surprises to keep the kids happy and entertained.

  1. Chocolate Crinkles

Just about everybody likes chocolate, and everybody makes desserts around the holiday season—it’s a fun project you can do with the kids because you can make it messy. These chocolate cookies have to be chilled in the fridge before you actually pop them in the oven, so take a minute the day before they’re coming to your home and set up the dough. The fun part is dunking them in powdered sugar before you bake them—there’s no better way to start off their time with mom/dad than a sugar fight.

  1. Tangy Honey Glazed Ham

Thanksgiving is for turkey; in our households, we’ve always had ham at Christmas dinner. This recipe takes the traditional honey glazed ham, and adds a tangy twist on it. If you’ve been having ham all these years—you know, maple glaze, pineapple rings—then you’ll be in for a twist on an old favorite. This hits big with the kids, and gets your belly ready for dessert at the next course.

  1. Banana Zucchini Bread

Sweet, but with a healthy kick to it—banana zucchini bread is the perfect way to get the appetizers started. Leave this sliced loaf out on a plate at the beginning of dinnertime, and it’ll be gone before you can bring out the holiday ham. This is a treat that’s great to go with cream cheese (trust us on this one), or enjoyed with other appetizers that have a different texture, like crackers or pretzels. It’s an out-there approach to a sweet bread, but it’s certain to turn heads.

Christmas Dinner is Family Time

Even after the dust has settled, after your divorce lawyer has helped you with every potential hiccup and upset, there’s still one thing that’s apparent—you and the mother/father are still raising the same children, just not in the same household. Dinner is still family time, even with one member excluded. Keep it about family, because this is your opportunity to build bonds with your children while they’re still children.

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