New Year’s resolutions are often the butt of people’s jokes, especially when they’re centered around something vain. However, it’s been a difficult year for you, and there’s a lot of emotion involved in everything you do right now. If you’ve just settled a divorce with a family lawyer, especially here in Denver, you’re gearing up for the first New Years where you’ll actually be setting some real goals to improve your emotional and mental wellbeing. Let’s help with that.

  1. Anger Issues and Solutions

One of the most self-deprecating things that anyone can do is show their teeth, or flaunt anger. It shows irrationality, and that it can get the best of you no matter what. Even if it’s just internal right now, anger shows on your face and in your body language. If you don’t know how to handle it, it’s best to silently approach the possibility of anger management training. Your family lawyer can help you find a good anger management counselor.

  1. Look At Everything Positively

It’s easy to look at the negative side of life, especially after you’ve been through a divorce, and even more so if you have children that are confused about the whole process. We get lost in our own heads, and that’s seldom a good thing. Take the positive spin on everything, and it will transform the way you feel about yourself, life, and it resonates—everyone will be able to see the positive impact you’ve made on yourself.

  1. The Grass is Green Where You Are

This one is an altogether view of your own life. Take a good hard look at your flaws and imperfections, and embrace them. We’re not perfect, and just because we’ve undergone a divorce doesn’t mean we need to feel guilty or imperfect. Couples who stay together “for the sake of the kids” are often miserable, and it shows in ways you’d never think of. Look at the grass beneath your feet, and look over the fence. Your side can be just as green, you just have to water it.

Consult Your Family Lawyer

If you’re feeling particularly tired or worried about how your mood may be affecting things, look to setting a great New Years resolution. Your family lawyer can help find programs to assist you with anger, depression, and more—you just have to ask.


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