The holidays can be a stressful time, especially if it’s your first Thanksgiving as a single parent. Everything is supposed to be fun and exciting; your children should be looking forward to the holidays, so deliver on their excitement. Take a look at these Thanksgiving dishes below that we personally love. They’ll appease the whole table, and alleviate most of the stress off your shoulders.

Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Breast

If it’s just you and the kid(s), you may not be getting a whole turkey this year. Fifteen-pounders are a lot of food; with this recipe, you can opt for turkey breasts instead, saving money and time on the cooking process. It’s a lot harder to dry-out turkey breast than it is a whole bird. Whether you stuff these with spinach and feta or not, you can tinker with this recipe and put your own filling, such as cheddar and broccoli. This one has yet to disappoint at our family table.

Cream Corn Done Right

It’s usually one portion of Thanksgiving dinner that people turn their nose up at. Cream corn can be one of the most delicious game-changers to any well-rounded plate. Even those who aren’t nuts over cream corn with fall in love with this dish, making it a conversation piece. You may spend a minute or two convincing them to try it, but when they do, you’ll have bragging rights.

Pumpkin Mousse

You don’t have to be a pastry chef to pull this one off. You’ll wish pumpkin was in season every single day, and the rest of the table will agree. Mousse is delectable, and the work that goes into it shows you care more than simply buying overpriced store-bought pies. Surprise your family for a grand finale before you all take to the couch and relax.

Recipes Help Bond the Family Dynamic

If you’ve recently undergone a divorce, and the kids aren’t happy about it, showing them how the holidays can still be enjoyable and fun is your very next step. Homemade recipes showcase thought and a desire to lift up the holiday season to be better than ever before. Bring everyone around the table and show them a few of these recipes; we’re positive that they won’t disappoint.


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