Perhaps without realizing it, we have all likely met a sociopath in our day to day lives. You may have already known, or come to know that you are married to a sociopath. When you decide to end a union with your partner, an antisocial personality disorder can most certainly complicate this dissolution. Our trusted Centennial divorce attorneys warmly extend our experience and our individualized approach to bring you the solutions you need in the most trying circumstances of divorce. This reading offers an initial guide for the decisions ahead of you.


Know your limits.

Every divorce has some degree of difficulty, but divorcing a sociopath can take you beyond your wit’s end. Often, those on the outside of a marriage cannot see what really goes on in the relationship, and with a partner who suffers from a personality disorder, this facade can be much more deceptive to outsiders. Knowing your truth can be something to hold onto in the uphill battle for your happiness, and can prevent you from being talked down by those who see your arrangement as alright or workable.


Break the cycle.

The most powerful deception in a relationship with a sociopath is the idea that you need them, or that they need you. This kind of power play can go back and forth between abuse and tenderness, and work to increase your guilt. Remember to keep in mind the decision to break free from this cycle, and find allies who can support you in this focus.


Get defense on your side.

An unstable partner may use their knowledge of you to press your buttons and wear you out where you are most vulnerable. When you have an attorney to defend you, your spouse cannot use such a direct approach to derail your actions if they must go through your family lawyer instead of solely contacting you.


Set your standards.

An individual who is on the spectrum of psychopathy seeks the stimulation of conflict and manipulation. This person’s brain is adjusted to responding in these terms, and any attempts to join their behaviour only fuels the friction. However, their behaviour will continue whether you are friendly or defensive towards them, and getting walked over is the least helpful thing in this kind of case. A Centennial divorce attorney can help you understand how to set boundaries for texts, phone calls, emails, and other kinds of interaction, which can all be targeted by your partner’s strategies to control your reactions, keep you entangled, and deliver a better settlement to them. A firm stance on your position can also encourage other friends and family to bring forward their reservations to strengthen your case’s resolution.

With the delicate nature of this kind of divorce settlement, do not delay in contacting a Centennial divorce attorney. Call Walker, Wright & Associates, LLP today at 303-730-0067.

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