No one knows better than you do how time moves forward, and how this progress can bring all kinds of changes with it. If you are considering divorce after more than 20 years of marriage, or if you are over 50 and seeking divorce, you are not alone. In fact, this increasingly common trend is now being called Gray Divorce. Many couples feel extreme pressures from all sides when they have to work through a divorce, but couples further along in their lives often face multiplied stresses in the relationship arena. Learning about Gray Divorce may help you understand how to respond to the changes coming on in your own life. With over 40 years of expert Family Law practice, a Centennial Divorce Attorney can be the ally you need in navigating this new chapter of your life.


New Directions

As one moves along in life, it may come quite naturally to think about your past as well as your best future. Aging can bring about a whole new sense of identity and self-discovery. You may find yourself refreshed with the idea of autonomy and independence, and may be seeking the solution in separating from a limiting marriage that no longer fits your growth as an individual. Discovering your values can be a long and difficult process in itself, and manifesting them after a lifetime’s worth of compromise can seem an impossible task.


Seeking Support

Centennial Divorce Attorneys know that all couples facing divorce are unique, but the subject of Gray Divorce can come with many more years’ worth of complications. That is why we always pursue your interests in these delicate family issues. In fact, family may often be a leading factor in maintaining a marriage that either partner has desired to end years earlier. Family focus can also be a complex cause of hesitation for seeking divorce later in life, and is often what brings people to this decision so much further down the road.


Making Changes

The increasing rate of divorces in folks over 50, and marriages longer than 20 years, is proof that marriages do not simply reach a point of certainty after time. It can be the long-term effects of dissatisfaction that truly cause a breaking point in a partnership. It may be that only the test of time can give you insight into your wants and needs, and give you the ability to seek them out for yourself.

Ask a Centennial Divorce Attorney for more information today, and see what tomorrow has to offer you.

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