Divorce can alleviate stress, but it brings on an entirely different set of issues to get through. The main problem resides in keeping the family happy, positive, and communicative throughout the entire process. Divorce doesn’t have to be a negative event in your family’s life; children require a calm environment, free from animosity and resentment. Divorce is better than staying together for the kids.


It’s time to start your Colorado vacation planning. We have a few places your children are sure to love, and a few divorce tips on how to remain civil and calm with your spouse during vacations or day trips that don’t include them.


  1. Aurora Reservoir


Boating begins in mid-March of 2018, allowing you to take the kids out on a unique bonding experience. Keep the screens at home, and take this opportunity to explore their feelings on how everything is going with their parents being separated. Remember; you’re both making memories, so ensure that it’s a stress-free trip for the children, and for yourself.


  1. 1st Bank Center Events in Broomfield


Events go on year-round. This is an excellent, universal getaway for you and the kids. Scan the events and contour them to the age of your children, thereby planning your trip accordingly. The Omni Interlocken Resort has fantastic prices through February and March, and is within close driving distance to the center.


  1. Mount Falcon Park


If camping is more your style, Mount Falcon park has an excellent view of the Indian Hills, and a few spots to visit for historical purposes, including castle ruins and the site of the would-be Presidential private resort, though it was never finished. 1.7 miles of hiking and excellent camping options.


How to Stay Civil With Your Spouse During Colorado Vacation Planning


Communication is absolutely everything. Once the divorce has gone into motion and you’re living in separate homes, you end up planning your first family vacation, and it includes everyone except for the ex. That’s a hard thing for them to deal with, but it shouldn’t hinder the fun and bonding you have with your children.


If they want up-to-date information on how the children are doing, oblige. If they’d like to call and speak with the kids, let them know that in between attractions or events, they can absolutely do that. This is a step of co-parenting, and helps keep things civil during family outings. Insecurities will fade over time.

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