Spring break is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to enjoy family activities. Planning day trips or vacations after a divorce can be tricky. Understanding your rights based on the divorce and family law, as well as keeping open communication, will avoid every potential problem, and allow you to enjoy your time with your children.

Snowboarding at Crested Butte

If you’re planning on staying in Colorado this spring, Crested Butte has the conditions are excellent, with the perfect family environment to upkeep the fun, and stave off stress. If funding is an issue, you can check out their current deals to save some money, and find the perfect solution for you and your children to enjoy your spring break.

River Rafting

This one may be dependent on their age range, but rafting along the Colorado River in Utah is the vacation that they won’t soon forget. Enjoy miles and miles of river rafting and high-octane fun; if you’ve never been on a trip like this, and you’re not quite sure what to pack, there’s a helpful resource to tell you everything you’ll need to avoid running into problems, and upkeep maximum enjoyment on your family trip.

Art & History

While you’re not going to endure white waves or physical strain on this trip, visiting this area of Colorado is perfect for those with a higher interest in historical information, shopping, and exploring new restaurants, while staying at the Crawford Hotel.

Plan This With Your Ex-Spouse

Even if things are civil right now, and everything is right as rain, it’s still important to discuss every detail with your ex-spouse regarding the trip. There can be animosity building that you’re not aware of, out of fear that you will become “the fun parent” while they’re left behind at home. You don’t have to live together, but there is an obligation to co-parent and allow your children to enjoy this trip. Communicate with them and their needs, as well, to ensure that there’s nothing on the horizon but fun and excitement.

Communication Is Everything

As with any vacation, especially when you’re traveling out-of-state, you need to keep the lines of communication open and clear. Maintaining operable phone conditions as well as checking in on a regular basis can put your ex-spouse at ease, and keep the primary goal of the trip alive and well: having fun while bonding with your children.

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