When a marriage finds itself at an end, it is time to decide on the terms that will carry you through that marriage to its end, and consider how those terms will affect you beyond the conclusion of the marriage. Walker, Wright & Associates want to help you reach these positive terms without back burnering your health care coverage. Working with a Centennial divorce lawyer from Walker Wright & Associates is working towards success for your family’s health care needs, because knowing upcoming costs is the first step to covering them.


Coverage Countdown

For those who are covered by a spouse’s health care plan, you will need to look to the date of the divorce, or sometimes the date of the legal separation, as the end of your coverage. When court-ordered, you may remain on your ex-spouse’s plan – and you will have grounds to petition being removed, if your ex acts against that order.


If you find yourself to be the spouse covering the other under your health care plan and they are attempting to drag out a divorce, to remain covered at a cost to you, petitioning this may be the route to solve your timeline problems. “Time is money,” may all too often be said when it comes to divorce costs.


Children’s Health Care

The law says you may not stay covered under your former spouse’s coverage, but your kids certainly may, and often this is your best choice. If you choose to make this agreement with your co-parent, make sure you map out shared payment plans swiftly and consult a Centennial divorce lawyer if you should obtain this agreement in signed form. Your spouse can be required to cover your child’s insurance costs until they are the age of 18, and in some states until the child reaches the age of 21. This option is an an alternative to finding your child coverage under the new policy of your choice, but this consolidated convenience may come at the higher cost to you.


Quotes from COBRA
There are quite a few other ways to secure the option of COBRA health care coverage than the circumstances of divorce, which may grant you access to this option. You may already know COBRA can allow you to continue to receive health care under a spouse’s company insurance past a divorce. This coverage is a granted option for 36 months after your divorce or separation, so you have a timeframe to seek new health care coverage as you reframe your living situation.


However you choose to navigate the new waters of your health care costs, Centennial can help you steer with the excellence of a Centennial Divorce Lawyer from Walker Wright & Associates with years of experience and unparalleled commitment to your positive family law solutions.

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