As the school year draws to a close or brings a gap in school time for you child, you may be facing the realization that class being in session made sharing custody of your children somewhat more manageable. With summer break approaching quickly, how are you going to deal with joint custody and vacation planning? Do you have another traditional or family-central vacation you want to share with your child? Walker Wright & Associates and our team of Centennial child custody attorneys have answers that could help your family to find the adventure and relaxation you deserve this vacation season.


Lose the ego

Children have to be the focus of child custody planning, even when it is easy to remain concerned with the problems that led to the divorce. Sharing custody affects your child the most, and establishing visitation that allows your children regular time with both parents is often the best situation. A long vacation may be totally disruptive to these arrangements. A court can conclude that a future vacation will interfere with this regular schedule, so providing reasonable notice to your ex-spouse is important for your trip considerations. Since reasonable notice is decided case-by-case, reach out to a Centennial child custody attorney at Walker Wright & Associates to confidently settle your terms.


Communication is key

It is advice that never seems to go away, for a good reason: communication is the key to create the grounds on which to begin negotiation, and to ultimately reach an agreement. Our Centennial child custody attorneys at Walker Wright & Associates can help you to outline these plans early on in divorce settlements. Making a clear schedule of vacation plans, such as locations and contact information, may mean a little extra thinking and deciding that can seem to take the impulse and liberation out of what is supposed to be a time for unbounded enjoyment. However, mapping out details and itineraries gives the necessary compromises a place to start, and gives your former spouse a chance to understand what they may or may not be agreeing to.



When covering your bases with transparency is not enough to bring the power play to a settlement, our Centennial child custody attorneys know you may be eager to take additional steps to reach your vacation goals. It is likely that extended travel plans will disrupt any previously agreed upon custody schedule, so while you may be focused on a particular upcoming vacation with your child, taking a look at the bigger picture can help you find the middle ground. Look at the total of your child’s vacation time to see how you may be able to divide or compromise on these holiday schedules overall, and share the time with your co-parent over a longer period. In the case of needing mediation, Centennial law firm may be able to work with your family to reach these agreements for the benefit of your whole family.

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