We are all subject to stress during the holiday season. It’s supposed to be a relaxing time filled with festivities and joy, but it’s not always the case. The pressing necessity to purchase extravagant gifts, keep up with parties and the holiday trends, and put on a spectacular display for your whole family. It’s absolutely exhausting. Here are a few tips to keep your head cool, calm, and collected during the ever-stressful holiday season. These divorce tips can be a lifesaver when you’re trying to avoid disaster.

Isolating Deep Breaths

It may seem like the oldest trick in the book, but taking deep breaths doesn’t work if you’re in the same situation that made you agitated to begin with. Isolate yourself, whether you walk outside for five to ten minutes, or take a trip to the store and have some alone time, and just breathe. You’ll be able to come down to a clear and reasonable state again, and the holidays can resume as planned.

Find a Destressing Agent

For a lot of us, loud music in the car on a little drive can do wonders. If you connect to music, or you absolutely love a certain television show on Netflix, take some time and distract yourself. You’ll quickly see how silly your anger was, or if it was justified, you’ll still be able to walk back into the situation with a clear mind.

Begin an Exercise Regimen

Most of America is unhealthy, and it messes with the chemicals in your brain. You don’t have to start exercising to stave off the holiday calories, but getting in shape and continually exercising can actually help your mood in tremendous ways that you could never imagine. When your body is in shape, you’re producing the right levels of chemicals (especially testosterone) that regulate your mood. Situations that may have sent you off the rails before aren’t going to hit the same nerve. The full psychological benefits of a good exercise regimen can be seen here.

Have No Regrets on the New Year

Keep yourself calm, and look back on the situation. You kept a level head, and everyone is better off as a result. Capitalize on that feeling, and remember how it felt not to have a fallout during the holiday season. It will help you work towards that goal again.


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