It’s difficult to know where to turn to when you are faced with a divorce. And whether you are planning to file for divorce or your spouse has already served you with divorce papers, hiring a professional and experienced lawyer can be of great help. There are too many stories of clients wasting time and money trying to find the best divorce lawyer in Colorado, going from one to another, and yet, finding the right family law firm is the key to what could be a faster, less expensive divorce.

Find a Family Law Firm that practices Family Law

First, you will need to hire an attorney who is competent to take your case and has vast knowledge in divorce. A lot of attorneys practice in more than one area, but they do not always overlap. Therefore, it’s important to hire a lawyer who has enough experience in family law to handle your divorce.

Interviewing Potential Attorneys

Once you have narrowed down your search and found a suitable family law firm with a qualified family lawyer, you will need to schedule an in-person meeting. Most lawyers will offer free consultation meetings while others may charge a fee. When you first meet make sure you prepare questions for your potential family lawyer. You might want to find out how the divorce process goes, and what game plan your lawyer has for handling your case. An experienced lawyer will ask you questions and make you feel you are in good hands. You should also make sure you get along with the attorneys that you hire.

Found and Attorney, What next?

Well, now that you have found a competent attorney in Colorado, you might want to consider the pricing. Different attorneys charge different hourly rates, but this normally based on their experience and location. In case your budget doesn’t allow for $750 an hour, then you might need to look for another attorney you can hire.

I don’t Like my Attorney, What should I Do?

You have done your research, but later you find out that you and your attorney aren’t getting along very well in your case. If you feel your attorney isn’t handling your divorce the way you would like or fails to get in touch with you, then you need to schedule a telephone call or a personal meet. Sometimes a little communication goes a long way. However, if you feel like your attorney isn’t the best fit, you can hire and fire an attorney during a divorce, however, be aware of the deadlines. Your case will not stop because you are searching for a new attorney.

In case you are looking for a competent family law firm in Colorado, then Walker Wright Law is your best bet. Our unique staff of professionally experienced family lawyers will be more than happy to work on your case, call us today for more information.

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