Divorce is never an easy thing, and especially when children are involved.  This is because they are the most affected party in the divorce. However, there are a few ways that can help visitation go much smoother and ease the transition of switching between parent’s houses.

How do I take the Sting out of Visitation?

Divorce is very confusing for the kids, therefore, to make it easier, divorced parents will need to collaborate to make the visitation process as comfortable and positive as possible. And while your divorce lawyer cannot help you collaborate with your ex-spouse, they will certainly tell you for free that parents need to show a united front to makes things much easier. Here are a few tips;

Children want love and care for the other parent. It will make a big difference if you show enjoyment in the connection your children are having with the other parent. This is because your children want to love and care for your ex-spouse without feeling guilty.

Avoid Criticizing the Other parent. This is not the time to coach your ex-spouse on parental skills unless of course there is a serious need to do so, of which, it would be best to contact your divorce lawyer first. If you have to argue, make sure it’s not in the vicinity of the children, bringing a relative or friend can be a better way to avoid such situation.

Give your Children time to adjust to getting back home. Kids will be kids, and sometimes they may get emotional about leaving the other parent or feeling disloyal to you. In case their visit wants enjoyable they might feel upset. Let them discuss their feelings with you and never allow them to bad mouth the other parent. You can seek professional help in case your child is not adjusting well to being home for a few days.

Your Children may misbehave when they come back. It is very important that you are on the same page with the other parent on disciplinary actions and consequences so that you are on common ground on what is expected. On many situations, parents never see eye to eye on this topic. It is therefore important to uphold all your standards without giving into guilt that may come with your children moving from parent to parent.

It’s also important to note that not all parents are willing to work together and they might not consider collaborative divorce. A divorce lawyer might be able to help a divorcing spouse negotiate visitation rights with the other parent. If you are in Colorado and would like to get assistance, then Walker Wright & Associates is the best option for you. Contact us or walk into our offices for more information. Our pride is your happiness.

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