After enduring physical and/or psychological abuse, every task in front of you is harder than it should be. Divorce law is always in favor of those who have been abused, especially in Centennial, CO. We’ve outlined a few tips and helpful guidelines to help with recovering after abuse.

Group Therapy Sessions

Healing is difficult when you harbor everything inside. While one-on-one therapy doesn’t work for everyone, group therapy sessions allow you to communicate with other survivors in a safe space. It’s difficult to open up to someone, like a therapist, who hasn’t been in the same situation. You’re afraid of being judged, but with a group therapy session, everyone has been through their own strain of the same core issue: spousal abuse.

Asking for Help

Certain factors may change now that you’ve exited an abusive relationship, such as financial hardships or a feeling of inadequacy. Having a safe shoulder to lean on can help prevent you from turning back to an abusive spouse, whether it’s in the form of financial aid or simply being there when you don’t want to be alone. Asking for help isn’t a weakness; it’s a sign that you’re able to move on from what happened by looking forward.

Find a Channel

Some of us aren’t able to ask for help, or don’t wish to attend and speak at group sessions. That’s okay; there’s no rule book that says you have to cope with what you’ve been through in a specific way. Finding a channel, or an outlet for the negative emotions that you feel, is a time-tested and proven way to turn negativity into positivity. Doing something productive, or constructive to your health and mental wellbeing, is a way that you can adapt and turn everything around.

Change Old Habits

Avoiding anything that traps you in the past is critical to your recovery, both mentally and physically. Find a new daily coffee shop, gym, and new places to socialize with your friends. It avoids the risk of running into your ex-spouse, while dually helping to shift yourself away from constantly thinking of the past. Moving on takes time, and even when you’ve “achieved it,” it is an experience that will forever rest in the back of your mind. The last thing you need is visual reminders of it.

If you are still in an abusive relationship and looking for guidance from legal counsel, please do not hesitate to contact us today to get you out of this dangerous situation.

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