The heatwave of summer can bring a lot of changes with it. Spending family time making memories and taking vacations can be quite a different task to tackle when parents with children separate and want to plan for the long break. Separated or not, all parents take on an extra challenges when school is out, but you can turn this summer vacation into smooth sailing. We know your family may need a roadmap for summer parenting, so our Centennial Family Law Attorneys at Walker Wright & Associates want to offer these helpful tips to navigate your upcoming plans for the most looked forward to months of the year.


Summer is a state of mind

Yes, your children look forward to summer all year, but when it arrives it can be difficult to get out of the slump of destressing from the commitments of the busy school year. Taking time to decompress is an essential step towards getting active in a new way, so it can be a good idea to embrace your child’s craving for screen-time as an opportunity to work on time management and impulse control. Give some free time for technology, but also commit to other kinds of activity that will give your kids a chance to work with their imaginations.


It can be overwhelming to take on the full load of the role as entertainer for you children, but a jam-packed schedule is not always what a good summer needs. Meaningful time together is the heart of a happy summer, and our Centennial Family Law Attorneys at Walker Wright & Associates offer this simple phrase to guide you: not too tight, not too loose. Make plans, and don’t be afraid to let the leisure of summer sweep you away from some of them.


Map it out

Some summer plans may require permission from both parents, such as traveling abroad. In any case, reasonable notice is always foundational to detours from custody commitments. Begin your planning just as soon as you can, and you can start heading towards an agreement for the special occasion of summer vacation. Even if you are parents who are not divorced, getting your ideas together is an important first step to making summer plans that get your kids off the couch and into the sun.


Keep the kids in mind

If separation anxiety is giving you and your co-parent stress this summer, Centennial reminds you that custody always comes with its unique challenges that are as different as the families who make these agreements. Our Centennial Family Law Attorneys focus on family success by putting the children first, especially since it is a common pitfall to revert to emotional struggles between the parents. This summer, keep the focus on the children, and whether you are the parent wishing to spend the better part of the vacation with your child, or the one who will compromise to let your co-parent have this time with your child, you can be sure your child is getting what is best without putting separation issues on your child’s plate. Your divorce is about your marriage, let custody agreements be about your children.

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