Child Support & Spousal Maintenance

child support definition clipped out of a dictionaryAt Walker, Wright & Associates, LLP, we have protected our clients’ interests in child support and spousal maintenance (alimony) matters since 1986.

Reaching the Appropriate Support Agreements

In Colorado, child support and spousal maintenance (alimony) are largely based on state determined financial guidelines. However, an experienced family law attorney can help you present appropriate income figures to the court.

Finances are usually a leading cause of stress and hardship in family law matters. We will help you reach financial arrangements that meet your unique needs.

Providing for Your Children

Colorado’s child support guidelines use an income model to determine how much each parent should contribute for the support of their children. We have two roles in child support cases:

  • Run appropriate income figures through the state calculations and give you a realistic idea of what to expect
  • Identify all sources of income to reach an appropriate child support figure. This can be especially helpful if your child’s other parent has hidden assets
  • Investigate whether your child’s special needs and special abilities warrant an increase in the calculated support

Reaching Fair Spousal Maintenance Agreements

Ending a marriage also means beginning a new lifestyle and a new pattern of living. After a divorce, it is common for one spouse to have challenges supporting himself or herself. Colorado’s alimony laws are designed to provide the receiving spouse with the same lifestyle enjoyed during the marriage, while also allowing him or her to become employable and self-supporting through appropriate training. Let the family and divorce attorneys of Walker, Wright & Associates LLP help you with your spousal maintenance agreements!

Protecting Your Legal Interests

We are available to represent you in the enforcement of child support and spousal maintenance (alimony) orders. If the other party fails to meet the obligations outlined in the child support or spousal maintenance order, we will help you collect the payments you are entitled to.

Call 303-730-0067 or contact us online to schedule an appointment to find out how we can help you reach a fair child support or alimony agreement. We have Spanish, French, Russian, and Portuguese language services available.

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